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Our inventory is constantly changing, so items displayed here may have been sold or new items may be delayed in appearing here.  If you don't see what you are looking for, we urge you to stop by our store, call us, or use the Contact Us page.
Click to EnlargeItemConditionDescriptionPrice
1 gallon coolerUsedRubbermaid 1 gallon liquid cooler with spigot $5.00
24 hour timerLike NewIntermatic recepticle timer $5.00
3 light flash lightLike NewFlash light with spot light, caution light, and diffuse light--uses three D batteries (included) and has adustable carrying strap $6.50
4 inch hingeNewWhite 4 inch steel door hinge. $2.00
Aquarium suppliesUsedAerator pump, cover with light, bottom gravel, bottom obstacles, bubble bar $15.00
Bottle cap removerNewStarr mounted bottle cap remover $1.25
Ceiling light globeUsedAmber glass ceiling light globe $9.00
Cell phone arm bandNewCell phone carrier that straps to the arm or wrist with velcro $3.00
Cell phone carrierUsedBlack leather and polyester cell phone carrier with belt clip $2.00
Chair safety alarmNewPosey KeepSafe Alarm for use with wheelchair, upright chair, etc. Contains all parts of the system except for the disposable chair safety pad which available from medical supply stores. $7.50
Child strollerUsedCentury collapsible stroller $35.00
Corner punchUsedCraftPro corner punch with 4 different designs $3.50
De-icing cable NewEasyheat electric roof de-icing cable--100 ft. $20.00
Dog collarNewBlack leather collar for a medium sized dog $5.00
Dog collarNewBlack leather (21 in to 24 in) dog collar with stainless steel studs $7.50
Door handleNewInterior door handle with brass finish $6.00
Electric scissorsUsedBattery powered scissors $1.00
Embroidery hoopLike New8 in. embroidery hoop $3.50
Extension cordUsed9 ft white fused extension cord $5.00
FlashlightUsedAvitat black heavy plastic flashlight--requires 2 D batteries $2.00
Floor mopUsedMr. Clean floor mop with replaceable sponge head $2.50
Floor mopUsedO Cedar floor mop with replaceable sponge head $2.50
Glass lamp shadeNewFrosted glass lamp shade for wall fixture $3.75
Glass shadeUsed9 in. ribbed clear glass ceiling light shade $5.00
Glasses caseLike NewSoft canvas glasses case with velvet lining $1.00
Ground fault receptacleUsedLeviton ground fault protector receptacle $3.00
Hand hair clipperUsedVintage hand, steel hair clipper. $5.00
High Intensity MassagerUsedPollenex Power Massage high intensity massager has 2 speeds and flexible neck. $22.00
High pressure hoseNewTranslucent, reinforced high pressure hose with 1/4 in. inside diameter--91.5 m (296.9 ft). $500.00
Ice boxUsedIce box for mounting in a trailer, RV, etc. $10.00
Infrared heat lampNewWestinghouse 250 watt infrared heat lamp $3.00
Insulated travel cupUsedInsulated travel cup--metal or plastic body $1.30
Key chainNewOrange flashlight key chain $1.00
Key chainUsedMetal key ring and chain attached to a blue plastic ball $0.50
Keyless entry controlNewLiftMaster wireless, keyless garage door control $10.00
Lamp dimmerNewManually controlled lamp dimmer socket $2.00
LampholderUsedLeviton porcelain lampholder $2.50
Mailbox coverNewMagnetic mail box cover can be strapped to the mail box $10.00
Neck traction setUsedNeck traction set that operates by afixing to a door. $6.00
Outdoor electrical boxNewRed Dot outdoor electrical box $2.00
Outdoor power timerUsedIntermatic outdoor 110 volt timer--2 on/off settings per day & manual override switch $10.00
Pet tagNewSmart Tag tag to attached to pet collar that can be programmed to identify the pet if lost $3.00
Picture walletUsedBlack vinyl wallet for billfold photos $1.00
Pocket knifeUsedStainless steel multi-bladed pocket knife $6.00
Postal scaleUsedPelouse postal scale $3.50
Propane tankUsedOutdoor grill propane tank $30.00
Ring binderUsedRing binder for letter size documents--with dividers $1.25
Ring binder folderNew2 pocket folder for 3 ring binder $0.75
Salt/sand spreaderUsedSalt or sand spreader with adjustable outflow--travels on skis. $8.00
Small bellLike NewMetal bell to hang on a door or use to call folks for dinner $2.00
Software for creating resumesNewResume Maker Delux for Windows operating systems $7.00
Storage containerUsedPlastic storage container for bedding $4.00
Storage or gift boxNewLarge storage or gift box featuring an original painting print $1.50
Television cabinet mountNewCabinet mounted LCD television mount that flips up or down $12.50
UmbrellaUsedFull size red and black pop up umbrella $5.00
UmbrellaUsedRed and white WWF telescoping umbrella $3.00
Waiter's corkscrewNewCorkscrew designed for use by waiter's $2.00
Wall guardUsed2 ft wide plastic wall guard to protect garage wall from opened door $4.00
Youth crutchesLike NewAluminum crutches adjustable for heights 4 ft 6 in. to 5 ft 2 in. $10.00