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Our inventory is constantly changing, so items displayed here may have been sold or new items may be delayed in appearing here.  If you don't see what you are looking for, we urge you to stop by our store, call us, or use the Contact Us page.
Click to EnlargeItemConditionDescriptionPrice
BackpackUsedAmbassador Travel black and silver backpack $6.00
Brief caseLike NewBlack canvas expandable brief case $19.00
Computer caseLike NewDell over-th-shoulder computer case $15.00
Expandable suitcaseLike NewBlack canvas expandable suitcase on wheels $45.00
HandbagLike NewBrown fabric purse with tie closure $5.00
HandbagLike NewAmerican Eagle Outfitters brown fabric purse with leather strap $7.50
Large purseUsedCream colored vinyl purse with brown leather carrying strap $4.00
Large purseUsedMulti-colored purse body with black leather strap $7.50
Large purseUsedLarge white fabric decorated with flowers; strap and bottom of brown leather $6.50
Large suitcaseLike NewAtlantic dark green canvas suitcase with leather reinforcements $28.00
Large suitcaseUsedLarge Atlantic soft cover suitcase on wheels $20.00
Leather briefcaseLike NewBlack leather briefcase $17.50
Leather purseLike NewCedarwoods brown leather purse with multiple pockets and carrying strap $8.00
Luggage setUsed6 piece Atlantic luggage group--canvas exterior is flowered on dark green background $90.00
Overnight bagUsedBlue vinyl overnight bag. $5.00
Pocket purseLike NewRed suede leather pocket purse $5.00
PurseLike NewBrown patent leather handbag $5.00
PurseUsedGreen plastic purse $2.50
PurseLike NewPink canvas purse with black leather handle and fabric flower pin $3.95
PurseLike NewBrown multi-compartment leather purse with straps $5.00
PurseLike NewBrown suede purse $10.00
PurseLike NewDark green suede and leather purse $6.00
PurseLike NewGray leather purse $9.75
PurseLike NewOlive polka dots on translucent plastic purse $2.50
PurseUsedBlue satin purse $1.50
PurseLike NewBrown leather purse $5.00
PurseUsedBlack and tan patent leather purse $4.00
PurseUsedBlue floral pattern with leather handles $6.50
PurseLike NewBlue suede purse with brown leather strap and bottom $4.00
PurseLike NewBlack fabric purse with red leather handle and appointments $4.00
PurseLike NewFlowered, black corduroy purse $3.50
Satin hand bagNewBlack satin hand bag $6.25
Shoe bagLike NewNew Balance gray canvas shoe bag $12.00
Shoulder purseLike NewPink fabric shoulder purse $5.00
Shoulder purseUsedGold fabric shoulder purse $4.00
Shoulder purseUsedSmall leather purse with black leather strap $6.00
Small suitcaseLike NewAtlantic dark green suitcase with shoulder strap and leather reinforcements $18.00
Soft cosmetic caseUsedQuilted, red satin that collapses when empty $5.00
Suit travel bagUsedZipper close travel bag for suits, dresses, etc. $8.00
Suit/dress travel bagUsedBlues travel bag with vinyl over a steel frame for suits and/or dresses. $12.00
Tote bagsUsedTote bags of all colors and patterns $5.00
Utility pouchLike NewBrown leather utility pouch with zipper $3.00
ValiseUsedCanvas and vinyl black valise $6.00
Woman's walletNewBlack polyester exterior & aqua interior--contains check book cover and has shoulder strap $6.00