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Our inventory is constantly changing, so items displayed here may have been sold or new items may be delayed in appearing here.  If you don't see what you are looking for, we urge you to stop by our store, call us, or use the Contact Us page.
Click to EnlargeItemConditionDescriptionPrice
Angel playing violinUsedSmall statue of an angel playing the violin $1.00
Assorted knick knacksUsedCeramic knick knacks $1.25
Blown glass figurineNewVariety of blown glass figurines--some decorated with gold paint $10.00
Ceramic dollLike New12 in. girl in long dress and bonnet $2.00
Ceramic figureLike NewCeramic figure with sun hat and folded arms $1.25
Ceramic figurineUsedCeramic knick knack of milk maid $1.00
Ceramic girl with fanLike New12 in. ceramic girl in long dress and shawl carrying a fan $2.00
Ceramic little boyLike New8 in. ceramic little boy in overalls and cap $2.00
Ceramic red riding hoodLike New12 in. ceramic girl in long dress and red hooded cape $2.00
Ceramic swanLike NewWhite ceramic swan with bouquet of flowers on its back $1.75
Ceramic swanUsedCeramic swan knick knack with bouquet of flowers on back $1.00
Emmett Kelly, Jr. collectiblesLike NewVariety of Emmett Kelly, Jr. collectibles $10.00
Knick knacksUsedAn assortment of knick knacks $1.00
Mantle pieceNew12 in. ceramic bride statue $2.00
Mother and child statueUsedCeramic statue of mother holding a child--painted in bronze. $2.00
Native American dollUsedEarly native American doll--hand made $2.50
Paper weightUsedPolished steel paper weight with letter slot $2.00
Setting henUsedSetting hen hand made from corn leaves. $2.50
Spool dollLike NewEarly native American spool doll $5.00
Table statueLike NewWorld in Hands ceramic statue $2.50