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Our inventory is constantly changing, so items displayed here may have been sold or new items may be delayed in appearing here.  If you don't see what you are looking for, we urge you to stop by our store, call us, or use the Contact Us page.
Click to EnlargeItemConditionDescriptionPrice
3 in 1 kitchen toolUsedPlastic handled tool can be used as a spatula, tongs, or whisk $3.00
Amber glass lidUsedAmber glass lid for a casserole dish $2.25
ApronLike NewBlack cloth waist apron $2.50
Assorted kitchen knivesUsedSteak, paring, filet, serrated, etc. knives $1.25
Ball Mason jarUsed64 oz green Ball Mason jar (without lid) $5.50
Bottle ice cube trayUsedMakes ice cubes for bottle neck passage $1.00
Bread basketUsedStainless steel wire bread basket $5.00
Broom & dust panLike NewBroom attaches to the handle of the dust pan for storage $7.75
Can openerLike NewManual can opener $2.75
Can openerUsedBlack & Decker electric can opener for under cabinet mounting $7.50
Candy/Potpourri dishUsedCut glass candy or potpourri dish with stainless steel handle. $4.00
CanistersLike NewCobalt blue ceramic canister set with clamp down hinged tops $12.00
CarafeUsed1 qt ceramic milk carafe $8.00
Card fileLike NewFile for 3 x 5 cards--recipes, notes, etc. $5.00
Chef knifeUsed8 in. Calphalon stainless steel chef knife $1.00
Coffee carafeUsedThermo-Serv plastic coffee carafe with black top and bottom and gold body $2.00
Coffee carafeUsedPeacock coffee carafe with stainless body and black top, bottom, and handle $5.00
Cutting boardUsedComposite material cutting board (disinfected with bleach) $2.00
Dinner forkUsedStainless steel fork $0.40
Dinner knifeUsedStainless steel dinner knife $0.40
Dinner spoonUsedStainless steel dinner spoon $0.40
FlatwareUsedStainless steel flatware in storage box $25.00
Flowered pitcherLike New1 qt ceramic pitcher flower pot on one side $4.00
Food millUsedAluminum food mill with steel base. $4.00
Granite lidLike New11 1/2 round granite lid $2.50
Heatable carafeNew12 cup heatable carafe $5.00
Knife setNew10 piece stainless steel knife set which includes 6 steak knives $1.00
Knife with ever sharp edgeUsed7 in. stainless steel kitchen knife with serrated ever sharp edge $2.00
Microwave steamerNewSteamer for fruits, vegetables, etc. for use in a microwave oven. $4.00
Pepper millUsed6 in. tall brushed metal pepper mill $5.00
Pie storage containerUsedTupperware container for single piece of pie. $1.00
Pizza stoneUsed14 1/2 in. x 15 1/2 in. pizza stone $5.25
Place matsUsedOff white cloth place mats decorated with a flower basket overlaying a heart $3.50
Place setting silverwareNewKnife, fork, and spoon $1.10
Rotary cheese graterLike NewPlastic cheese grater the can be dissembled for cleaning $3.85
Salt and Pepper shakersUsedWest German made ceramic salt and pepper shakers $2.00
Salt and Pepper shakersUsedCeramic eggs in a basket--pepper in eggs; salt in basket. $1.50
Salt shaker plusUsed6 label compartment shaker with compartments for salt, pepper, paprika, celery seed, onion powder, and garlic powder $2.00
Scent dispenserLike NewWhite scent dispenser fueled with a tea candle $2.00
Serving trayUsedOneida silverplated 11 1/2 in. serving tray. $7.50
Smart strainerNewMulti-use blue plastic strainer with instruction booklet $5.00
Spaghetti canisterLike NewJ & B spaghetti canister $1.50
Spoon restLike NewBeautifully decorated wood spoon rest $1.25
Spoons, spatulas, ladleUsedAssorted kitchen tools $1.25
Steak knivesUsed7 stainless steel steak knives with wooden handles $5.50
Steak knivesUsed7 stainless steel steak knives with wooden handles $5.00
Steamer potUsed1 quart steamer pot $3.50
StrainerUsedWhite plastic hand held strainer $1.00
Tea kettleLike NewGreen tea kettle with wood handle $5.00
Tortilla storage containerUsedPlastic tortilla storage container with lid $5.00
TrivetLike New7 in. circulare trivet of woven material--red, green, natural $3.00
TrivetUsedRaised, ornamental metal trivet $5.00
TrivetLike NewCeramic trivet features a pot of lavender in its middle $4.00
Vegetable & nut chopperUsedMedium capacity high impact plastic vegetable and nut chopper $4.00
Vegetable chopperNewChop-O-Matice vegetable chopper with instuction manual $6.00
Vegetable washerUsedPlastic tub with 2 drainer trays for cleaning vegetables $4.00
Woven trayLike New2 ft round woven tray $4.00