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Our inventory is constantly changing, so items displayed here may have been sold or new items may be delayed in appearing here.  If you don't see what you are looking for, we urge you to stop by our store, call us, or use the Contact Us page.
Click to EnlargeItemConditionDescriptionPrice
12 oz. mugLike NewWhite, bone china cup--holds 12 oz. $4.00
25th Anniversary relish dishUsedSilver City Glass Co. oval relish dish decorated with non-tarnishing silver flowers and a 25th Anniversay inscription. $7.50
4 oz. bowlNewClear glass 4 oz. bowl $1.00
All purpose knifeUsedStainless steel serrated knife for multiple uses $2.50
Antique sugar bowlUsedSilver plated sugar bowl $5.00
Baking dishLike New8 1/2 in x 11 in Anchor baking dish $5.50
Beer glassNewTall beer glass $2.00
Beer glassNewSleek beer glass with pedestal base $1.75
Beer glassLike NewA. Coors stemmed beer glass $3.50
Beer mugLike NewSculptered beer mug $2.50
Brandy snifterLike NewStemmed brandy snifter with Courvoisier label $5.00
Bud Light beer glassNewBeer glass displaying the Bud Light logo $2.00
Cake panUsed9 in. round, metal cake pan $2.00
Cake platterUsedClear glass cake platter on three 1 in. feet $5.00
Candy dishLike NewAmber glass candy dish $2.50
Cereal bowlLike NewBlue border on white cereal bowl $1.25
Champagne glassLike NewBride's champagne glass $2.50
Champagne glassUsedStemmed amber champagne glass $5.00
Chicago Griffins glassLike New16 oz Chicago Griffins Rugby Club glass $1.00
Child cupUsedYellow plastic cup in the shape of a bird's face $1.25
China cup and saucerUsedGold rimmed china cup and saucer--each is an unique pair $5.00
China platterUsedWhite Sheffield China platter with silver edge $5.00
Coffe cupLike New8 oz. ceramic coffee cup $1.25
Coffee cupLike NewFrosted white coffee cup $1.95
Coffee cupNewClear plastice cup for coffee or punch $0.50
Coffee cup setLike New4 white ceramic coffee cups $6.00
Coffee cupsUsedSet of 3 ceramic coffee cups--white with 2 blue rings around the top $3.75
Coffee cupsLike NewSet of 4 white, ceramic coffee cups decorated with small flowers $5.00
Coffee mugLike NewRomantic message on blue coffee mug $1.00
Coffee mugLike NewGlass coffee mug $2.50
Coffee mugUsedVariously decorated coffee mugs $0.75
Condiment dishNewSnowman with falling snow adorns ceramic condiment dish $2.50
Corning baking dishUsedOval Corning baking dish. $4.00
Cream pitcherLike NewCeramic cream pitcher $4.00
Cream pitcherUsedWhite ceramic cream pitcher $1.75
Cream pitcherUsedWhite ceramic cream pitcher with a silver rim. $1.50
Cream pitcherUsedSmall white ceramic cream pitcher decorated with floral bouquets. $1.75
Crystal bowlUsedCrystal bowl with silver plated rim $7.50
Crystal dishLike NewSquare Bohemian crystal dish $85.00
Cup & saucer setNew8 ceramic cups and saucers--white with flower $12.00
Cup and saucerUsedCoffee Bar by Konitz white ceramic cup and saucer $2.50
Custard cupNewStemmed custard cup $1.00
Decanter pitcherUsedVintage diamond pattern Leonard Silver Plate footed Ewer Decanter Pitcher--12-11/16" highest x 3.5" widest $44.65
Decorative plateUsed11 in ceramic plate $1.00
Deviled egg trayUsedClear plastic deviled egg tray $2.50
Dinner plateUsedHeavy stoneware white dinner plate $2.00
Dinner plateUsedCzechoslovakian china dinner plate with floral pattern on white $2.50
DinnerwareUsed8 place setting of stoneware dinnerware $40.00
Drinking glassesNewNest of 4 plastic glasses available in blue, pink, orange, and green $2.25
Flowered platterUsedCeramic platter with flower decorating the center $1.00
Freezable mugUsedFrosty Mug for keeping cold drinks cold without using ice $5.00
Fruit cupUsedPedestalled milk glass fruit cup. $1.50
Gift containerLike NewGive cookies as Christmas gift $1.00
Glass pitcherLike NewHeavy glass pitcher $4.00
Glass pitcherLike NewAmber glass pitcher $10.00
Glass pitcherLike NewAmber glass pitcher $11.00
Gold rimmed gobletNew6 oz. crystal goblet with gold rim $5.00
Gravy boatLike NewCeramic gravy boat $5.00
Gravy boatLike NewCzechoslovakian china gravy boat with floral pattern on white $6.00
Green glass fruit cupUsedGreen glass fruit cup on pedestal. $2.50
Green glass gobletUsedStemmed green glass goblet. $3.50
Green glass juice glassUsedStemmed green glass juice glass. $2.75
Hand fashioned mugLike NewHand fashioned ceramic mug $2.50
Hi ball glassUsed8 oz etched hi ball glass with clear glass design $1.50
Hobnailed glass bowlLike NewHobnailed glass bowl for candy or serving $3.50
Hot dish cradleUsedCorning Ware chrome plated hot dish or pan cradle. $3.50
Insulated drinking glassUsed12 oz insulated drinking glass $1.25
Insulated tumblerUsed16 oz. plastic, double-walled blue tumbler. $1.00
Jar with lidLike NewClear glass bell shaped jar with lid $3.75
Juice extractor setUsedCeramic juice extractor set--extractor top, pitcher, 5 juice cups--with Dutch windmill scene on each piece $18.90
Juice glassNew6 oz. juice glass with thick base $1.25
Juice glassNew6 oz. juice glass $1.25
Juice glassLike New6 oz. clear glass juice glass $0.50
Large bowlLike NewMelamine bowl with basketball on bottom $2.00
Large gobletLike New8 oz amber goblet $6.25
Liqueur glassLike NewAmarula cream liqueur glass $1.50
Margarita glassLike NewStemmed, etched margarita glass $1.25
Martini glassNewStemmed, conical martini glass $1.00
Meat lifterNewStainless steel bands with handles for removing meat from roasting pan $2.00
Metal lidUsed6 in. metal vented pan lid $2.00
Metal lidUsed8 in. vented metal pan lid $2.00
Microware hot dog cookerUsedAnchor Hocking microwave hot dog cooker $1.25
Mixed drink glassNewLarge mixed drink glass from the Rainforest Cafe $1.50
Mixing bowlUsedPlastic mixing bowl with handle and pouring spout $6.00
Mixing bowl nestLike NewLarge plastic mixing bowls with a pouring spout $2.00
Non-stick skilletUsedT-Fal 9 in. non-stick skillet $2.50
Non-stick skilletUsed8 in. Farberware aluminum skillet with non-stick coating and stainless steel handle. $5.00
Oval trayUsed18 in. winter scene metal tray $1.00
Oven lidUsedOven-safe ceramic lid for an oven casserole dish. $2.00
PitcherLike NewAmber glass pitcher $8.00
Plate & serving bowlsUsedBavarian ceramic serving platter and bowls with silver edges $2.00
PlatterLike NewGlass platter with etched holiday decoration $7.90
Pumpkin plastic glassLike NewOrange 16 oz plastic glass with jack-o-lantern face $0.50
Punch bowl with cupsLike NewClear glass punch bowl with 14 cups $12.00
Relish dishUsedMonkeypod relish dish carved into the shape of a pineapple. $2.50
Relish dishUsedClear, molded glass relish dish $2.00
Relish dishUsed7 in. clear glass sits on 3 short legs. $3.00
Relish dishLike NewAmber glass relish dish $7.50
Relish trayLike NewTupperware 13 in. six compartment relish tray $7.50
Relish trayLike NewRose colored plastic relish tray--5 sections $1.00
Sake cupUsedWhite ceramic sake cup with multiple designs on side. $1.25
Salad bowlUsedMedium sized clear glass salad bowl $5.00
Salad bowlUsedLarge blue, plastic salad bowl $1.75
Salad plateUsed9 in. ceramic salad plate $1.00
Salad plateUsedCzechoslovakian china salad plate with floral design on white $2.00
Sauce panUsed2 pint non-stick sauce pan $4.00
Sauce panUsed1 qt sauce pan with vented glass lid $7.00
Sauce pitcher on platterUsedCeramic pitcher on platter for gravy or other sauces $5.00
SaucerLike NewCorelle microwavable saucer with salmon and olive border stripe $0.80
Serving bowlLike NewGreen glass serving bowl $1.50
Serving bowlLike NewSmall, red ceramic serving or cereal bowl $2.25
Serving trayNew13 in. metal serving tray decorated with floral arrangement $1.50
SherbetLike NewAmber glass sherbet $8.00
Shot glassLike NewVarious shot glasses $1.25
Silver plate relish dishUsedOneida oval silver plated relish dish--13 1/2 in. long $7.50
Skillet lidLike New11 in. stainless steel skillet lid $3.75
Soup cupLike NewWhite ceramic soup cup decorated with veggies $2.50
Stainless steel bowlUsedSmall sized stainless steel bowl $1.25
Storage containerLike NewPlastic container can be used as cookie jar, refigerator or freezer, or gift package, has handle $1.25
Storage containerLike NewPlastic storage container with lid that can be used as cookie jar or for refrigerator or freeze container $1.25
Storage containerUsedTupperware storage container $3.00
Storage jarUsedLarge ceramic jar for storing stove top utensils on counter top $3.00
Style House chinaLike New12 place settings of Style House china with sugar & cream, serving bowl & platter, 2 salt & peppers, extra cups, and more. White with silver decorative edge. $90.00
Sugar bowlUsedCzechoslovakian china sugar bowl with lid--floral pattern on white $4.00
Tall beer glassNewTapered, tall beer glass with pedestal $3.00
Tall beer glassNewTall pilsner beer glass displaying "Shock Top Belgian White" $3.00
Tea potUsedCeramic tea pot with bamboo wrapped handle $3.50
Tea potUsedCeramic tea pot with flower blossom spout $3.50
Tea potLike NewWhite ceramic tea pot wrapped with a flower $3.50
Tea potLike NewCeramic beige tea pot with flower decoration $3.50
Tea potLike NewChina tea pot decorated with golden roses $7.50
Terra cotta baking dishUsedOval, shallow terra cotta baking dish $2.50
Torte plateNewCarmen Satiniert Torte plate, Walther glass, by Mikasa, W Germany, 13 1/2" $26.25
U. S. Navy mugUsedFrosted glass mug commemorating the U. S. Navy $4.00
White platterUsedWhite ceramic platter $2.50
White PlatterUsedWhite, ceramic platter $2.50
White wine glassLike NewStemmed white wine glass $1.00
Wine gobletLike NewWine goblet suitable for serving red wine $1.50