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Our inventory is constantly changing, so items displayed here may have been sold or new items may be delayed in appearing here.  If you don't see what you are looking for, we urge you to stop by our store, call us, or use the Contact Us page.
Click to EnlargeItemConditionDescriptionPrice
CandleNewSmall Coca Cola glass filled with colored candle $5.25
Ceiling light reflectorNew13 in. square Coca Cola reflector for ceiling light fixture $8.00
Coin sorterNewSorts 8 coins at a time--pennies through quarters. Battery operated. $50.00
Coke and a teddy bearLike New12 oz Coke glass with a white teddy bear $15.00
Coke bottleNew2002 The Coca Cola Company, Hecho en Mexico $1.75
Cookie jarNewWhite enameled metal Coca Cola cookie jar $18.00
Dale Earnhardt Jr. Coke bottleUsedCoke bottle with image of Dale Earnhardt Jr. and #88 $10.00
Drinking glassNew12 oz Coca Cola glass $6.00
Gift tinLike NewSmall Coke Santa tin $7.50
Jig saw puzzleNew500 piece Coca Cola jig saw puzzle $3.50
Jig saw puzzleNew100 piece Coca Cola jig saw puzzle $2.50
Mantel pieceLike NewCeramic replica of store promoting the sale of Coca Cola $20.00
Note cardsNew8 note cards and envelopes by John Baeder $5.00
Olive oil dispenserLike NewCoca Cola bottle base with dispenser top $14.50
Pit crew ornamentsNewPackage of 5 pit crew ornaments $5.00
Santa on mantelNewCoca Cola Santa Claus $30.00
TumblerNewCoca Cola tumbler of various hues $3.50