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We are interested in your thoughts, questions, and suggestions regarding Bull Valley New to You.  Your ideas will be used to improve our store and our service to you.

You may also send the description of an item that you would like for us to try to find for you.   Our suppliers have large warehoused inventories or often can find a specific item.  We will then search for an item that fits your desciption.   If that item becomes available, we will photograph it and email pictures to you for your review.

Please be sure to provide your phone number and email so that we may respond to you.

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Bull Valley New to You is owned and operated by Vern Magnuson.  After a long career teaching and practicing medicine, I stumbled into a second career in computer programming and Internet site design which I continue to the present.

After moving to McHenry County a couple of years ago and making friends with my new neighbors, I became aware of the vast amount of household goods that have had to be abandoned by people caught in the throws of foreclosure.  As I learned more about the fate of abandoned goods, I came to understand that many people have occasion to discard items for a variety of reasons.  I learned that a very large portion of abandoned and discarded goods are being sent to land fill and other means of waste disposal.

I have become convinced that destructive riddance of so many items is detrimental to our environment and deprives new owners of an opportunity to get things that would be like new to them at reduced cost.